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My Previous Work

Here is are some previous written projects that I have embarked on, and links to where you can find out more.

The Faces of One Day - The Guest

Monday 29th July 2019 - Southwark Playhouse

One of 11 short plays that comprised an anthology play that collectively told the story of one person. The protagonist is someone in the audience, and we never meet them, hear no physical description whatsoever: what we understand of the protagonist we see from their relationship with the characters on stage.


The Guest, my contribution to the anthology, introduced Anna, a socialite, who is hosting her own lavish birthday party, Bill, a party guest, and Freddie, Anna's fiancée. Anna opens the door to an unexpected guest. Just who this person is remains unclear, but one thing is certain: Anna does not want this person here.

What happened between them? Did they have an affair? Were they responsible for somebody's death? Whatever happened, "Freddie mustn't know."


Mortal Mia - Flash Fiction

Short Story shared by Fictionspawn Monsters

In 2018, I was going through a phase of rewriting fairy tales. Mostly an analysis on various themes or exploring topics, but I wrote this one on the tube and it just made me laugh. I shared it on my blog, and was happy to know it was well received by viewers and shared elsewhere.


The Next Stop - Short Story

Highly Commended on The Writers' Forum Literary Magazine - 2018

I wrote a short story in 2018 which was featured in a literary magazine. The Next Stop follows Ruben, a young boy, who navigates a white train station in an attempt to find his sister.

What a World was also featured in 2022.


Next Stop: Zurich - Short Play

Debuted at the Colourhouse Theatre, 2017

Later Performed at the Courtyard Theatre by the North London Actors, 2019


Carolyn and her grandson Tom are on a luxury train ride through Switzerland. They meet Abigail, who rides to a ski resort. On this brief but vital journey together, they learn one another's stories, and we see a glimpse into Carolyn's battle with dementia and Abigail's coming to terms with grieving for her fiancée.

This was my first play debut, and is currently in development for a full length one-act play.

north london actors.png

"Next Stop Zurich is a cleverly written three hander which revealed the pains of alzheimer’s disease, cancer and loneliness. ...Mendum’s piece is tender and emotional."

Scatter of Opinion, Theatre Mates

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